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Give us something good to read this weekend!

We've been talking a lot about fanfiction here (because it's awesome). We even have a Fanfiction community on Vingle that is TOTALLY KICKING BUTT (check it out --> HERE). So since it's Friday... why don't you share your favorite fics? Any fandom, any pairing, any rating! Leave a link in the comments or make a card!
You can see my recs --> HERE if you need ideas!
I'll try to share some more recs for:
Harry Potter
BBC Sherlock
I'd love to read anything:
Doctor Who
Star Trek
...tbh I'll ship anyone!
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@shannonI5 i've written a few under my pen names krystal_buckys_sweetheart and krystalstar22. you may like them, and there's a whole bunch of fandoms from sailor moon to yugioh to criminal minds. xD
well, scratch that, @shannonI5 the username is xXKrystalBuckysSweetheartXx
@Krystalstar22 I have done a few myself also under the pen name Edward Suoh, I don't know if they're any good or not but there's blue exorcist Okami-san and her seven companions Black Butler and a whole bunch of others. If you want to check them out would greatly please me.
@AdamDean Are they on Ao3 or on i'm not familiar at all with blue exorcist, but I looooove me some Sebastian Michaelis. XD I'll go check them out. :)
@Krystalstar22 I actually don't know what Ao3 is and I hope you enjoy my stories.