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I've been putting off watching this anime for a while but I finally binge watched the entire series and I loved it! I was reading the manga so I thought I didn't have to watch it but it was worth it.
After an accident, Iki Hiyori becomes a "half-ayakashi" or "half-ghost". She starts passing out randomly and her spirit leaves her body passed out, usually face down in the concrete. She then meets this tracksuit wearing guy named Yato who calls himself a God. After a series of events Yato meets Yukine. And Yukine, unwillingly, becomes Yato's shinki, sacred weapon.
After accepting a 5-yen coin offering from Hiyori, Yato promises to return Hiyori's body back to normal. The anime follows the everyday life of the three and the adventures they have.
Characters(from left to right):
Daikoku: Kofuku-sama's shinki. Usually serious and isn't very fond of Yato.
Kofuku-sama: Goddess of Poverty and bad fortune. Being the goddess of poverty and bad fortune she can predict where an Ayakashi attack will happen. She is usually happy and "go-lucky" and is always on Yato's side.
Yukine: Yato's shinki. When transformed into a weapon he becomes a shiny katana with loosely wrapped bandages around the handle. He is stubborn and child-like but good-hearted.
Yato-IDK what to say about him... He is a god of something (won't say cause spoilers) and he's pretty lazy, won't help raise money for a shrine, untrustworthy, ext. He sounds awful but he's a pretty good guy who just wants to be worshipped as a god. Just let him grow on you as a character, he's hilarious.
Iki Hiyori: A normal human until she becomes a "half-ayakashi". She constantly loses her body, turning into her "spirit" form. She is an impressive fighter when in her spirit form, explained in anime, but she's vulnerable in many ways.
Bishamon-sama: Goddess of battle. She's a baddass that has a ton of shinki at her disposal. She is the sworn enemy of Yato.
Kazuma: Bishamon-sama's shinki. He is a good strategist during battle and although he is the sworn enemy of Yato by association he has a debt to repay Yato.
Why you should watch:
1) The art. AAAAH the art is beautiful. The effects during the fights are the best too. Speaking off...
2)FIGHTING!!! Who doesn't like a little action with their anime? The fight scenes are good and with the addition of the weapons actually being characters, it makes the fights more interesting. The effects during the fights are really something... Ahh just watch it to see what I mean.
3) The plot. I really like the plot, it's a little different than most anime that I've watched, like, it's not as predictable as others.
So pull out that laptop or monitor or tablet or gigantic phone or whatever you use to watch anime, just make sure you watch NORAGAMI! Even if you read the manga and are like, "I don't need to watch it." Well, think again!! This series is that good that you can watch it over again even though you know the plot.
And the second season of Noragami already started. I believe they are on episode 7 so when it finishes I will make a card on that as well. I'm already captivated by the story in this season. The second season picks up right after the first season, well duh but I had to say it, and it follows Bishamon's story. So finish up the first season of Noragami so you can enjoy the second season, NORAGAMI ARAGOTO!
SANKYUUUU for reading! I'm looking for new anime to watch and inevitably review so if you think you have a great anime that should be shared with the world, comment and I'll make sure to watch it!
I love this one
gahhhhh I need to stop putting this off and just watch it!!