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That Card is Awesome! But Does it Belong Here?

Do you know how to report cards?

It's a pretty simple process! We report cards for a few reasons: If we think they're spam (a bunch of phony links or ads), if they're pornographic (anything Rated R or above), or if we feel that they don't fit our community. Ok, but what does that mean? How do we know what fits the community and what doesn't? The easiest way is to get to know us! To look at what we're talking about and join the conversation!

What is our community about?

The Marvel community is about all things Marvel: The comics, the tv series, the movies, the fandom, all that good stuff! We also like talking about crossovers! Share your Marvel fanfiction here if that's your thing! Or if you'd rather you can ask us whether you think Thor or Goku would win in a fight! But as stated in the community guidelines, please be considerate. There are other spaces on Vingle to discuss your favorite k-pop song, or the best hairstyles for a wedding.

If you're in doubt: Ask!

@amobigbang and myself are happy to help! When in doubt, you should always share whatever it is you have! The community can guide you from there.

How to report:

If you see a card that you thinks would reach its audience in a different community, reach out to whoever wrote it! Help them find the people they're looking for. Let's use this awesome card by my friend @danidee for example. It's a really funny card, but if she'd shared it with the Marvel community it would feel a little out of place. It's not about something Marvel-related, and it's not something that we talk about in the community, so let's look at how to report it.

Click on the three little dots on the top right corner!

You get this menu!

You'll hit 'report this card', which gives you a couple of different options...

The one you want is 'irrelevant to the community'.

This tells Vingle that there's nothing wrong with the card, it was just mistakenly shared with a different community than the one that will like to read it!
Doing this helps our community grow: It helps tell new users what we're about and what we like to talk about!
It also helps users who are having trouble: I've had cards reported for relevance, and Vingle sent me a message to help me find where they belonged!

Let's help our community grow!

If you have any questions you can always comment or reach out! And many thanks to @danidee for letting me use her card as a fake example. It was very kind of her!
@buddyesd you're too kind <3
I missed you a lot :) I see you still keeping it real :)
@shannonl5 it's nice to be seen lol
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