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At this point, I think all you guys know that I really love Vulture's Remix Series. They've consistently put out trailers for movies as if they were reimagined in a different time. Their most recent outing involves The Hunger Games and the year 1992.
I don't have the greatest of memories so '92 is a year I tend to forget (I wasn't really awake back then, my ghost-self had been encased in a mostly meat and bone body) but I do remember all the old VHS tapes my parents had in their collection. And one of the best parts of popping these bad boys into the player was the trailers that preceded the actual movie.
As a kid, I never thought they were full movies. I just thought they were little short snippets of something that might be real one day. Like short ideas before they were put into real action in the form a feature length film. And Vulture's remix of The Hunger Games totally nails that tone.
For me the 90s are a time I'd like to go back to. I was a kid. Things were easier. But part of me wishes I could have experienced them as a twenty-something. I know that sounds really strange since we live in a world where information is literally at our fingertips (you're probably using a smartphone right now, reading this, getting your fingerprint all of the screen; making it hard for you to read this exact sentence).
It doesn't seem like a simpler time, I don't think I fetishize it. But I really do miss the days where you had to actually know things instead of ask your cell phone. I enjoyed not knowing what time movies were showing until you arrived at the theater or looked in a newspaper. And let's face it, who wanted to look through a newspaper and get their hands all smelly with that newspaper smell.
Watching this remix trailer reminded me of all that. I felt nostalgic for a time I didn't even belong to. I really, truly, and honestly wished for a time machine.
Even the font in the title screen (above) triggers a time that isn't our own. It's something doesn't really exist anymore. I think today's trend is making things grittier, harder, and looking like the words were carved out of concrete.
The way the remix was edited also calls back to a time before endless sequels and movies in series. I mean, of course the 90s had a bunch of movies with sequels. But they weren't specifically made in hope to start another trilogy or series of films that'll make a bunch of money. The edit contains footage from all the Hunger Games movies that have been released thus far and I think if this movie came out in the 90s, it'd be a contained story that began and then ended without teasing a sequel.
Don't get me wrong, I love that sequels and stuff come out. But sometimes, with certain stories, I want a singular story. That isn't to say that movies without the intention of catching sequel-itis don't exist. I just want a little more variety, you know?