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Hey Vingle Nakama!!!!

We're coming close to the ending of Thanksgiveaway now, with only a couple of days left! Be sure that you have completed all of the {NN} marked challenges since November 16th!
If you need to find the ones you've missed or wnat to try and do them all under the wire, here's the collection.
If you're just joining us, or maybe you've forgotten things, click right here to see the rules.
We've talked about a whole bunch of stuff this month, and coming up with these questions has grown harder with each passing day, but it's been a blast! So let's be sure to end it on high points!
Here's the question:

What weapon from anime would you personally most want to wield?

My Pick: Giriko's Chainsaw

Okay, mine is a little cheat-y. Because I'd want to wield the demon weapon power from Soul Eater. Specifically, I'd want to wield Giriko's ability to turn into a chainsaw.
While his full transformation is a little bit underwhelming, the way he uses his power as a weapon when not transformed is super cool. He can run the blades of the chainsaw all around his body, tight to his limbs or looser to use almost like whips. This way, he turns all of his body into weapons, without actually turning fully into a weapon.
I guess Ichigo's sword 馃槙
Ichigos zangetsu pls thanks
gaara`s gourd
Ichigo's Zampacto
Or maybe Kirito's elucidator/dark repulsor combination
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