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Philip K. Dick's novels have been the foundation for a couple of great Science-Fiction films like Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly. And now it looks like his work is starting to influence video games as well. While it isn't necessarily an adaptation of any of his novels, it still looks like it might be a fitting representation of the author's philosophies.
Californium is a part of a transmedia project dedicated to the life and work of Philip K. Dick and it definitely shows. Especially when you read the synopsis:
Even though the video attached to this card doesn't say much about the game's narrative, we can make some assumptions when paired with the synopsis above. We can see the player move and explore Elvin's apartment and see the world start to shift and change before his eyes.
Philip K. Dick dealt with this idea of reality in a lot of his books and it's cool to see it represented in a video game for once. I'm hoping the game has more to it than just being a tribute to the author since they can play with the actual mechanics of the game and say something not only on a philosophical level but on a theoretical gaming level. By having the world shift and change in front of the player as they interact with it, they have the opportunity to say something bigger about the world and state and culture of video games.
We constantly play video games as a way to escape but what if the game we're playing is trying to escape our playing of it? Heavy, I know. But with subject matter that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, why can't they break the fourth wall a little bit and blur the line between our reality and the virtual one we're participating in?
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this looks so goddamn cool