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A recent study looking at dating deal breakers had some interesting findings:

More men said "low sex drive" was a major deal breaker for them, while more women said "bad sex" was a no-go.

Following that logic, men are happy as long as they're getting some regularly, while women are more interested in quality over quantity.
Check out other popular deal breakers in the WSJ graphic below:
You can read the WSJ article summarizing the study and its results here!

What do you think: do men prefer quantity, while women prefer quality?

I prefer both haha just because you have a lot of sex, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. Sometimes, you just NEED to, and you both know it's going to be a quick 10-15 minutes of full out fucking. And I don't use that word lightly. That's sometimes the only word I feel accurately describes it haha But, when time and responsibilities permit, hours should be spent on it. I may not be a successful relationship man, but I sure know that sex should always be enjoyable for everybody involved. I think we've touched on the subject of, "being bad at sex" lmao
Being one that is demisexual, I don't mind either. As long as my partner and I care about each other on more than just a physical basis, I am okay with it. Sex isn't the utmost priority to us. c:
I think I probably prefer quantity? but I agree with @arellano1052 in that quality doesn't have to fall by the wayside. I know I like a good quickie when I can get it, but I also love committing some real time into the deed.
That makes sense to me @briandiana11. I think if I had to choose one, though, I'd pick quality. Really really good sex once in a while
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