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Discussion: Men Want Sex, Women Want Good Sex
A recent study looking at dating deal breakers had some interesting findings:

More men said "low sex drive" was a major deal breaker for them, while more women said "bad sex" was a no-go.

Following that logic, men are happy as long as they're getting some regularly, while women are more interested in quality over quantity.
Check out other popular deal breakers in the WSJ graphic below:
You can read the WSJ article summarizing the study and its results here!

What do you think: do men prefer quantity, while women prefer quality?

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@AlloBaber so im going TO FAST???
2 years ago·Reply
gotta balance it
2 years ago·Reply
@AlloBaber wish I would have seen this card sooner. lol. It's a matter of personal desires and being attentive to each other. Then, it balances out. Partners just need to give a little to get a lot.
2 years ago·Reply
And here I am. Can't even comment as never experienced it even though I am 17. I should go back and study for my test in school lol.
2 years ago·Reply
Hey @Ash1998 there's plenty of time. Some of us choose to be celibate because of the quality. SMH
2 years ago·Reply