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Korean 101: Winter Wonderland Vocab

It's finally here!


And you know what that means....WINTER VOCABULARY!

Some Winter Words:

(noon) - snow
눈사람 (noon sa-ram) - snow man
눈송이 (noon sohng-ee) - snowflake
겨울 (gyeo-ool) - winter
스케이트 타다 (seu-ke-ee-teu ta-da) - to ice skate
춥다 (choop-da) - to be cold
아름답다 (ah-reum-dap-da) - to be beautiful
스카프 (seu-ka-peu) - scarf

Some Winter Phrases:

눈이 와! (noon-i wa) - It's snowing!
스케이트 타고 싶어 (seu-ke-ee-teu ta-go-ship-eo) - I want to go ice skating.
너무 추워! (neo-mu choo-weo) - It's soooo cold!
겨울 완전 좋아 (gyeo-ool wan-jeon jo-a) - I really like Winter
눈사람 만들자! (noon sa-ram man-deul-ja) - Let's build a snowman!

To say to your loved ones:

추워서 따뜻한 옷을 입으세요 - Since it's cold, wear warm clothes!
(choo-weo-seo dda-ddeut-han oh-seul ip-eu-se-yo)
감기 조심하세요 - Be careful not to catch a cold!
(kam-gi jo-shim-ha-se-yo)

Have a lovely winter everyone^^

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