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A thought about what placing all your worth in accomplishments can drive you to miss.
"The truth is, at 22 I don’t know everything. I can try to be as philosophical or artistic as I want, but in the end I know that my life is far from over, and also far from getting started. College is not the end of your life, It is the beginning.
No amount of words, or music, or memories, can ever touch that sense of knowing that you’re here. You’re living in this time period, right now. Giving over to absolute spontaneity or joy can be a dangerous task, but one day, if you do, even for a moment. You’ll thank yourself."
Yes! love this! I'm actually working on being more present in my life too. Because if you stop comparing the moment to the past or the future... then it becomes perfect:) and who doesn't want every moment to be perfect?
A well spoken and kind Fear and Loathing fan? Okay, you I like.
Yes I'm so thankful for Thanksgiving! Lol.
The comparison thing is so real @nicolejb you seem to be doing great!!! We have to put more value in the now
A friend of mine taught me that :) @TessStevens one of my favorite thoughts. I try! It's easier now with thanksgiving soon and being around family