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Some people talk about their ships in wishful terms:
"If only the writers had taken this opportunity"
"If only we had proof they were together"
"If only...."
In the Love Live world, us NozoEli shippers don't have to worry about any of that, because it's the realest (relation)ship, and don't try to disagree with me.

Their solo song SCREAMS out that they're in love.

First, check out the lyrics in the eng sub video. Then, check here to see the live performance done by the real girls. Just look. JUST LOOK. The producers of the entire world of Love Live told them to do those moves and to act that way and if that doesn't make it canon idk what would. Nozomi & Eli are in love & I love it! I really love this song, anyways. Even if you want to listen to it as a song about love in general, it's really touching & enjoyable.

THIS MINI DRAMA. Here's the subs written out:

No: “Then, everybody is done with making their wishes-”
R: “Wait! Nozomi-chan, you haven’t said yours yet!”
No: “Eh? Me?”
Ni: “That’s right. Wouldn’t it be unfair if Nozomi was the only who didn’t tell?”
No: “But…it’s embarrassing..”
H: “Embarrassing?”
Ni: “Somehow I feel like her personality has changed but…What kind of wish is making Nozomi-chan feel so embarrassed?”
No: “S-sorry, forgive me! Because if I say it… it will only cause problems for someone!”
All: “Eh?”
E: “Cause problems for someone? Exactly what kind of wish did you ask for?”
No: “I’m sorry, Eli-chan, forgive me!”
E: “No good. Say it clearly or I’ll have to use force – ah!”
All: “Ah!”
E: “I’m sorry, Nozomi! I’ll let go…Ah, your kimono got dirty…”
No: “Move…”
E: “Ah, sorry, I must be heavy on you, right-”
No: “Hurry and get off me! Or I … I won’t be able to hold myself back anymore!”
E: “E-eh?”
All: “Eeeeeh?”
No: “Truth is…my wish is…to convey…to Eli-chan…to convey my feelings to Eli-chan…”
E: “W-w-w - Eh? What does this mean!?”
H: “Eh, then could it be… that what Nozomi-chan is feeling for Eli-chan -”
K: “Aaaaaah~!”
No: “With this type of outcome, wouldn’t it be interesting?”
All: “Eh?”
E: “W-wa…Nozomi? You were playing with me?”
No: “Eh, I wasn’t playing around, Eli-chan, I like you ~”
E: “Noozoomiii!! How could you? It’s New Year and even so -!”
No: “Kya, Eli-chan’s love is painful~”
E: “Nozomii!”
H: “Ah, that surprised me…”
U: “Seriously, Nozomi gave us quite a shock, didn’t she.”
K: “I’m wondering if it really was a joke.”
H/U: “Huh?”
K: “Nozomi-chan truly loves Eli-chan but she can’t say so, this is why she said it was a joke to fool her!”
H: “Eh? Kotori-chan?”
U: “I had no idea that Kotori thought about it in this way…”
No: “Kya, I’m going to be caught by Eli-chan!”
E: “Enough already! Wait! Nozomii!”

The Game!

There are COUNTLESS times in the Love Live game so far where Nozomi & Eli are clearly being shown to be more than friends. Nozomi's affection for Eli is ALWAYS shown, and there's even the event where Nozomi keeps saying they're married over and over again. Most of the screencaps I have are of Nozomi simply because that's what I have, but you can definitely find more!
For those of you who want to say "your first two reasons don't count it's not in the anime," forget it, the Love Live world is bigger than just the anime & it's all cohesive. But fine, allow me to present some evidence from the anime, then! These are all real gifs, any subtitles are real.

In the anime, you can really see their love for each other!

Nozomi is really insightful in general, but when it comes to Eli, she takes a special interest and makes sure that Eli's dreams can come try, too. When there's something bothering Eli, she works to fix it. On the flip side of that, Eli is the one who taught Nozomi to be bold & be herself, and she's also the one who notices when Nozomi seems lonely and works to show the girl just how loved she is -- by herself and by the other girls. The two constantly give each special attention that is something more than friendship, don't you think?

Thankfully, I'm not the only one who LOVES this ship!

This comic turned video, translated on Youtube here, is SO GREAT. LIKE SO, SO GREAT. I can't get over how great it is, lol, and totally something that would happen with these girls! I mean, of course some of them would think its funny, and the rest would be shocked to find out that Nozomi & Eli really do love each other, because that's how we all are, right?

No matter what, I will happily support this ship <3

Shout out to my one and only Eli @alexpinku

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They are one of my favorite couples of all time!!! (≧∇≦)
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