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What's the bravest thing you've ever read?

Honestly it was really difficult to pick just one moment @LizArnone so I hope you'll forgive me for responding so late! You picked one of my favorite moments, when Hermione Granger obliviates her parents to protect them. There were a few in the Kushiel series I considered, but I didn't think anyone here knew the books that well. Finally I decided I'd write about a moment in comics (predictable, of course).

"Brave is not a thing you are. It's a thing you do."

This moment has stood out to me since I read it, and I've shared it before. Kamala Khan is deciding to be something more: To be a hero. She's kind of an awkward lonely kid. She spends her Friday nights writing fanfiction, and she wishes that she looked more like Carol Danvers. She's a lot like other teenage girls, but she make the choice to become something more. Despite being afraid, despite the risk, despite her insecurities. She decides to stand up and protect people. Kamala Khan is the definition of brave.

Bravery is when you face your fears, not an absence of them.

I really enjoyed sharing this!

And I'm loving the responses everyone has as well. Thank you @LizArnone for this challenge. @amobigbang @DanRodriguez @AimeeH @BeannachtOraibh @Bakuman247 @ChiefAlphaGoat @loftonc16 @Marichel @Jelloston @MoisEsGaray @SamTheMallow @MichaelOgg I'd love to see your response to this! What's the bravest moment you've ever read?
@shannon15 does it matter what the bravest moment came from? like if it came from a story? Cuz I've read so many books and stuff in my short life it's hard to pick just one brave moment.
thats a great moment. I still have so many cards to do. There are so many brave moments that I could include Dr a lot of different books, movies, see shows, comics
@shannonl5: no I haven't seen it, do u know of a way to get to it
if I could give you a thousand likes; I would, but scene I can't, 1 will have to do
@LizArnone the bravest moment I've ever read is from the series of books called the Dark Hunter novels. and it's not just one moment it's many. it's about the men who are immortal, cursed to be alone because everyone they ever loved has either betrayed them or died because of them somehow. in the end they end up fighting for the ones they love and can't live without. but they have to fight like hell against their enemies. and it's different for each dark hunter, but the issue is the same. they end up losing the one they love, and going all nuclear on the baddies. I think those are brave because they strive to save and bring back their loved ones no matter the cost, no matter how hard they gotta fight, they do it for love. Idk if anyone else considers that brave but I do. and it's a very good series to read.
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