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Kero Blaster aka The Best Game Ever Made (maybe not, but I really like these indie games with cute pixelated characters, alright?) is now on Steam. Which makes it really easy for me to play because, well, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to getting games that aren't offered on Good Old Games or Steam.
The one thing I really like about this game is that I kind of just make up what it's about. I'm pretty sure that little frog, is some kind of janitor for the world and is just trying to clean stuff up. And that screenshot above? Is his cat boss just yelling at him because he works in the corporate world and when you work in the corporate world, you get yelled at. That's just how it works, man. I'm telling you, don't ever work in a an office, alright?
What do you mean I'm being too harsh? Yeah, I know your parents work on Wall Street. When's the last time you saw them smile? Or better yet, when's the last time you saw them? Oh yeah? That recently? Two weeks ago doesn't count, man. And anyway, why do you want to work in an office so bad?
You want to be lied to and expected to enjoy going from the cubicle to your coffin? That sounds like a fulfilling life? Come on, bud, don't lie to me. So what, I don't work in an office like you work. Sure, I don't have any upward mobility at my job. And yeah, I've got no determination or whatever. But you know what I do have?
I have a pixelated frog on my computer screen. I got an out-of-tune guitar in my apartment. I got things I want to do because I want to and not 'cause my fucking boss told me. And most importantly, I got a fuckin' smile on my face, man. What do you have? Parents that spent more time in their office than they did beside your crib. You got a zombie walk towards the grave.
Kero Blaster has been out for a while but is finally available on Steam. You can check out the original trailer below.