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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

No! Thank You! by HTT - Ho-Kago Tea Time (K-ON)

This is why I love anime music! It's a genre on its own, this is another reason why anime is so good and depending on the tune, these songs can awaken emotions that we normally don't feel and even help us immerse in their world. K-ON has a great variety of songs like this (being kind of a comedy/music anime, this is no surprise). Those who have watched it know how great these 5 school girls are!
Here's a LIVE concert by HTT. Let me say this right away. They do not play the instruments, BUT because of popular requests in Japan, they do these concerts as fan-service which I think it's amazing! We need more anime and band like these that are willing to do anything for the fans~

For those who have watched K-ON, Which one's your favorite song from the series? Mine's are this one and "Don't Say Lazy"!

Close your eyes and listen~

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My favorite is Don't Say Lazy!
K-ON is a really cute anime and i love it❤️❤️
I really like this one :D
K-ON ❤️❤️❤️ one of the best anime. Their music is awesome too. I like most of their songs and can play a few with my guitar 😁