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Airs on 27nd, 10pm! :D OY walks away, but OS stops her and kisses by force. After finishin kissing, OY asks,"Now we are really finished, right?" She turns around and walks away, crying. OY asks to call to LJ, but OS says, "No, we gonna stay here today and go back to Seoul tmr." He turns on her mobile. Though OY gets angry, he ignores it. OS says,"If you wanna curse me, go ahead." But OY says,"That's fine. I also have fault. I should have noticed you are not my brother." But OS comforts her,"You don't have to try to understand me. That's ok even if you don't understand me, but it was true that I loved you." Next day, MC are having lunch in JS's parents' restuarant. He gets angry for his visiting. He orders to get off. MC says,"I just came here to see your mom's face. That's all." (MC and JS's family have known each other, cuz they used to live in same town when they were young.) And OY calls LJ. She asks to meet tonight. LJ says to SW, "OY says me that OS gonna live tonight. I think you also should prepare to leave." SW and MH looks worried of his behavior. "I've never said goodbye to anyone in my life. Even to my mom and first lover. This time, I wanna say goodbye well to you..But I don't know how to do it.", OS says. OY says, "How about just saying simple 'goodbye'?" At that night, they arrive home. "LJ, did you prepare what I told you?" LJ says,"Yes" OY says,"Then people who gotta leave should leave now." OY says MH,"I'm sorry for breaking engagement suddenly. Though I don't marry with you, register as president candidate. From today, LJ gonna be my legal representative and he gonna support you. I know that my father trusted you and you will develop company." In the meanwhile, SW got angry that OY kicking her out. "Now you all used me? From first time, you knew that I messed up your eyes and used company money for myself." OY says,"At that time I was young and my father was sick, so we needed someone to operate company." SW says,"Do you also doubt that I neglected your father to die? He refused CPR becuase it was so hard for him to bear it. Oneday I tried to survive him and he said to me to stop it. But I didn't reveal that he refused CPR, cuz I wanted to you have desire of your life from hatred of me. And I used company money because of hate of your father. I've never used it for my profit."Though SW beggs her not to kick her out, OY seems she doesn't wanna stay with her anymore. "I feel thankful that you've raised me up, but even if I can see again, I don't wanna see you anymore. Good bye." Next day, OS is about to leave. OY says,"I understand you needed money for you to live. You have no fault." When leaving, OS left money that OY gave him. LJ sees it and says to keep it. But OS only says,"Please protect her beside. I know she's been through hard things." At that night, OS meets MC. "This is JS's debt. Now he doesn't bebt to pay back you." Next morning, SW visits OY's friend's family before she leaves. She asks them to be nice to her. In the meanwhile, SW are heading to her hometown. HS gets angry that OS didn't accept money OY gave him. OS tries to get money by gambling, and finds casino he can go in, but it's not easy. OS meets Mr.Kim and promises to gather gambling group to gamble. OS feels that Mr.Kim have plan to attack MC. OS texts him and warn to be careful of Mr.Kim.
Wah! I'm just waking! hurry to read recap with RAW right now, thank you again and again :D
@dipeh haha you are totally prepared!kk Good attitude of That Winter's fan~:D
Hello... (waving) I'm here! I'm all set to watch tonight's episode.. Laptop for streaming, ipad for checking your recap, and a box of tissue... (just in case) LOL