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A woman should have her own money so she can move out and be her own master any time she wants, even if she never wants to or needs to... A woman should have her favorite clothes always on the ready so she can meet her date within an hour. A woman should have a past that she is willing to let go without regrets. Yet a woman should have a past alluring, exciting, beautiful and heartbreaking enough to want to look back to in old age. A woman should have a pair of black lace bras, not just for any man, but might just be for herself. A woman should have a friend who makes her smiles...and another that she can cry to. A woman should have at least one piece of furniture not own previously by any of her relatives. A woman should have enough eating utensils for eight people, wine glasses and a smashing recipe for dinner that can make any guest feel honored to eat.
Thanks YinofYang, yeah, I do think to be in control of your own destiny is one of the greatest achievements anyone can have.
I love what you wrote, Carlos. Well-said, my friend. To have our own independence is worth more than many things. :)