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Top Hallyu Star’s Lee Minho who is best known for starring in top series such as BOF, Personal Taste and City Hunter made a shock upon his arrival in Jakarta on March 23,2013. His 1st ever visit to Indonesia greeted enthusiastically by Minoz all over the regions in the country and they cant wait any longer to meet him at IM3 Global Fan Meeting Lee Minho: First Love With Indonesia. Dreamers Radio had the opportunity to sit down together having a fun chit-chat with the famous actor himself during his promo here in Jakarta. The actor who acted as Goo Jun Pyo on BOF was answering all of our questions enthusiastically, let’s check them out! ^^ Dreamers Radio (DR): Annyeonghaseyo Lee Minho, we are from Dreamers Radio Lee Minho (LMH): Ah, Dreamers Radio^^ Good Morning! DR: G’ Morning, so shall we start the interview. What do fans and family mean to you? LMH: Wow, good question! Fans and family are those people who always be there by my side supporting my career and life. Their presence is the most important thing in my life. DR: Is there any most memorable incident or present from Minoz (your fans)? LMH: (laughs) There are. of course. The most memorable thing was, there’s time when I traveled to a country. When they greeted me at the airport, someone pinched my butt! Wah, I really can’t forget on that incident. DR: Your career’s shining brighter than ever, so our question is, from all of your dramas, which character that left a deep impression the most to you? LMH: Of course Goo Jun Pyo in BBF is the most memorable drama for me. Because of that drama, i received lots of love from my fans. But the drama that left a deep impression the most was actually City Hunter. There were so many challenges and hardships. It was hard! DR: Hard? What happened? LMH: Yes, it’s was hard because I have to learn again to be able to deliver a perfect action scenes. Because most of the scenes were all actions and I have no stunt double, so I can’t make a mistake. DR: So in the future, what kind of challenge/character do you want to play? LMH: I want to go back to school, I want to act as a high schooler. DR: When you were child, what was your dream? LMH: when I was a child, I never dreamt to be an actor. Instead, I wanted to be a soccer player because I really loved soccer. But as I grew up, during my 3rd year in high school, I started my training years as an actor and I was very serious at it. DR: Is there any dream that you haven’t achieved up until now? LMH: I dont think there’s any, but I really hope I can be more and more focused on my acting career and do my best. DR: Let’s fantasize, what do you see yourself in 10 years from now? LMH: 10 years? (laughs) Ah, I never thought about that actually. But well, I think 10 years from now, I would be 37 and still be an actor. Probably I’d be married by then? Hahahah DR: Indonesia in Lee Minho’s eyes is… LMH: Indonesia is such a friendly country. People are just so warm and friendly. I love seeing the neatly looking houses here, it looks warm too. DR: What do you do during your free time? LMH: I have a pretty long spare time recently, so I do sports or stay at home. Sleeping, watching series or movies, or playing games! I love playing games, especially computer games. DR: Thank you for your time Lee Min Ho-ssi! ^^ LMH: Thank you… This friendly Exclusive interview with Lee Min ho’s ended. Beside his good looks and talent, he’s so friendly and full of smile, Dreamers! We hope he can return to Jakarta once again very soon^^
haha! right! He's really professional. :) Your welcome
He was in shock I guess ;D Thank you for posting his interview :)
"When they greeted me at the airport, someone pinched my butt! Wah, I really can’t forget on that incident." awwww hahahahah! that is so creepy! its so funny that he doesnt seem angry thou hahahaha !lol