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Brooklyn Grange is run by head farmer Ben Flanner and four partners who see to the day-to-day operations of the growing business. Since May, Tyburski and his crew have filmed the greenroofing, planting and Monday morning business meetings at the Navy Yards, which Tyburski describes as "one of the most fascinating places [he's] visited in New York. It's a whole different world just beyond the gates off Flushing Avenue." The former naval base was deactivated in 1966, but is now home to a growing community of new businesses. To get their operation up and running in under a month, Flanner and his fellow farmers worked from dawn to dusk for six to seven days a week. They labored constantly, even through downpours, stopping only to make ponchos from large trash bags and tie bodega bags over their heads.
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do you have any information about this farm? I would love to to visit and see how theydo itthere