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My awesome amiga @SarahHawkins came up with a cool idea of making her, me, @thePinkPrincess, @kpopandkimchi, @VixenViVi, and @B1A4BTS5ever a kpop group.




@VixenViVi......Rapper/Leader @SarahHawkins......Rapper/Dancer @amobigbang/me......visual/Dancer @thePinkPrincess.......Vocals @kpopandkimchi.....TBA @B1A4BTS5ever.......TBA GROUP NAME.....TBA TBA means to be announced.....
Well, I don't want the responsibility as the leader. I will be the visual of the group since ppl call be the spoiled pretty girl lol. WHERE WOULD THEY GET THAT?! LOL I'm not the main dancer but I'm awesome at doing the sexy dances! Oh I do play the cello, so I guess I would be the random on who plays an instrument in the studio lol. My stage name would be either my regular name Jessamine or Luna. Since I love the moon. Here is a link to some known visuals in kpop.
Lol. I would not be conceited though. I'm pretty down to earth and super funny!
The seductive or cute visual chica!
My attire would vary. As a visual I have to always be on point. I love fashion, so would love trying on different stuff. But I love wearing dark colors at night and lighter colors during the day. Night time....

Daytime or casual wear....

A few party outfits...

As a visual I have to prepared to get many party invites lol! But I will always bring my girls with me!

Who would I date?

Yall know I had to add this! As Drake said YOLO and GD said I'm just wild and young! I would date...GD, TOP, Youngbae, Kai, Sehun, Jimin, Jay Park, and Namjoon! Some would say I'm dipping in the family but idgf. Lol I would probably settle for......hum...I will let fate decide lol!

If you have ideas for group names comment below!

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Lol thanks @shannonl5
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um.....@B1A4BTS5ever @thePinkPrincess @SugaOnTop @VixenViVi I feel like I'm missing someone....but could you give me the name of our kpop group, all the memebers and their names, and at least two of yall biases. I came up with an awesome idea. Let's try not to pick the same bias or it wouldn't work. I'm claiming GD and Namjoon. It will all make sense in the end!
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Oh and yall roles in the group
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I messaged you @amobigbang
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