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So Done With Big Hit!
"Really Big Hit?!? Tell me this is a joke! I can barely deal with the boys you already have in BTS. Now you want to add someone else to the mix. We don't know how he looks. What if he is absolutely stunning and some hundred fangirls out there (who are as mentally unstable as I am) die from blood loss. We already have Jamless Jimin and his majestic-al abs, Namjoon and his dramatic facial expressions, J-Hope and his hopelessness, V and his questionable sanity, Suga and his salty attitude, Jin and his love of eating, and the Golden Maknae who makes cougars go crazy (I'm talking about some of yall noonas who absolutely love him......not saying yall are cougars but....). We can't take this!!!! My little fangirl heart can endure anymore of this. Yall, I just realized....there is no Feb. 30.......I'M SO RELIEVED...yet so mad...
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