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After getting diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, a loan shark must hurry and make her three adult children grow up. As she teaches them how to run the family business, they also learn to take care of their mother.
Left to Right 1. Jung Gyu Won. 7. Yoo In Young (Jang Hoon Nam) ( Lee Soo Jin) 2. Kim Ji Suk. 8. Yoo Young (Go Yeong Soo) ( Jang Go Eum) 3. Jung Yoo Mi. 9. Lee Min Woo (Go Yeong Chae) ( Lee Jang Ho) 4. Bae Jong Ok. 10. Park Bo Gum (Yoon Bok Hee) ( Go Yeong Joon) 5. Sun Woo Jae Duk (Lee Bum Soo) 6. Lee Chung Ah ( Oh Da Jung)
This show really had an interesting concept depending on how you look at it after watching it. Kinda hard to explain when you don't wanna say what goes on in the show...therefore I won't ruin it for you all ^_^
He is such an amazing actor. I didn't notice him until I watched this show. You really see his acting becoming real towards the end. I won't tell you which episode though :)
They should just date in real life....If they aren't already lol