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akatsuki? who's your favorite??
hello vingle fam im wondering whos your favorite akatsuki member??? im going to have a vote then who ever gets less votes gets marked out untill the very last day when the final fav akatsuki member is left!! id love to hear who's your fav comment below!!
personally my favorite one is Deidara he is so funny and has such a careless attitude!!! hes like a teenager almost!
you do have to admit it he is pretty awesome!!!

This Vote will end at 11/19/15 later that day there will be one less akatsuki member to choose from and the vote will start all over again until we reach the total final akatsuki member!!!

anyone who votes on this card (post in comments) will be tagged in the next vote!!!!! if you do not wish to be tagged in the next vote please tell me and i will take your name off....

to those who i think might like to vote:

(if you want to be un- tagged just tell me and ill take you off)


(Sorry just had to put that!!)

Also i made a collection for this so if you want to follow to keep up with this little game !!

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I just read my previous comment realize that previous comment had some errors. It meant to say voting has ended the next card is in my collection for this game
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@austinyak117 yeah that's true but we're picking our favorite not who's the strongest...
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Ok thanks for the info @tayhar18920
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