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Well as some of you may know...I have watched plenty of anime and that includes awesome shounen ones (although I do tend to go more for shoujo because I LOVE love...seriously)
So there have many fight/battle scenes that I truly loved but obviously I have to choose here goes some massive thinking on my part.....
There are probably many people doing Fairy Tail but, you know why wouldn't people love this anime? This is the second anime I got into (after Naruto) and it doesn't dissapoint!
So, my favorite scene was Lucy vs Jackal....I mean this is like a spoiler for those who are not caught to this part of anime (also for those who haven't read past this point in the manga)


This was part of the Tartaros Arc (one of the most emotional ones at least for me) hmm I can't remember what episode this's been quite some time that I saw the anime...
Lucy in general is not shown as a strong character, always needing help and just the usual damsel in distress....but I beg to differ for me she is a strong character because of her will to keep going despite all the beatings, failures, and victories.
Okay, so sometimes she is pretty useless (I accept that) but no matter how hard a battle may seem you know she is going to be at the front lines and try her best!
Her relationship with her spirits is amazing!!!
Okay so during this part most of the others of the guild are (what happened I think like they froze or something, I can't quite describe it) and so Lucy is left to fight Jackal one the Etherious from the Dark Guild Tartaros also he is one of the Nine Demon Gates.
She battles with him or at least with her spirits but during this I was crying (like tears flowing because I felt like something bad would happen) Lucy was so brave fighting him (also Lamy but I don't think so) despite getting injured she kept going.
She summons Loke and Virgo to help with the other demons after getting a chance she decides to summon Aquarius and she is exhausted now, Lucy knows how much magic they use. Basically, Lucy summons the Celestial Spirit King while she breaks Aquarius's's so sad I felt like I lost a friend too but no matter this was one of my favorite scenes because of it's emotional level. You see the care and love Lucy has for her spirits, I hope that she has more battle scenes because she is strong!!
Now, that's it heh!!
Also tagging some people (heh)
Natsu vs sting & rogue
I'd have to say my favorite fight was from Fairy Tail. The Natsu vs Master Hades fight
I haven't watched any amines. The closest thing to anime I've watched is Pokémon and Teen Titans
@ARMYStarlight lol go for it XD I just haven't watched any anime in forever so I'm rusty ;3;
Hah it's okay @ArmyofKookie I can't remember much of the anime's that I have watched heh....Oh and is it okay if I tag you in another post about anime?? Heh
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