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***Dont Let That shy face fool you he knows what he's doing****** So many of you may have seen my last GD spam and came across a certain set of pictures. Said pictures........some may say the pants in these select photos are Extra blessed , I myself agree as well as @helixx, @petname83 @magicbananas (gave me the lovely idea for this post).

Soo I figured why not honor our favorite blessed pants in the Kpop community By making cards With your favorite pair of blessed pants! !

We all know everyone has there favorite pair of #Blessedpants that there bias wears and I challenge all of you to make a card about it and tag me and the lovely ladies tagged above so we can all enjoy some lovely wardrobe choices😂😂
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OMG Lol idk if Rap Monster have any blessed pants except the ones from that dance practice
But anybody make some tag me
@JasmineWilliams We made a few of them awhile back. We would have tagged you too if we knew that you wanted to see them 😃
@MagicBananas ughhh so late
@JasmineWilliams lol that's how I feel after I've been tagged and I haven't seen it due to lack of Internet connection