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I want y'all to know that I got my made sweater !! It is so perfect!!! It also has Big Bang written on the back. But if you were wondering where I got it , it's on the website www.allkpoper.com . They have variety of things from all bands . I am currently showing off my sweater to everyone lol ! 馃挊馃挊 have a nice day guys !
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@LexTay327 girl what did you get ?? But I have I warn you that the shipping may take a while
@quizhpelizeth so much! I got that donut jacket that Mark wears in just right, MADE baseball jacket, BTS sweatshirt and a shinee sweatshirt. I'm impatient but I bet it's totally worth the wait, right?
@LexTay327 I wanted that jacket too !! It looked so nice but I only have money for the made sweater at that time. And it is worth the wait. But what size did you get ? I hope it wasn't small cause my made sweater was medium and it fit me perfectly but I think it's sort of small or a medium size
@quizhpelizeth I got mediums because I thought the sizes might run small. I guess I could've measured and all that but I don't have time for that 馃槀
@LexTay327 lol I didn't measure either 馃槀 so I was just hoping that it wasn't small