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Back with another week of NFL highlights! Welcome to the NFL Plays of the Week!

5. Andre Ellington vs. Seahawks

Andre Ellington puts the icing on the cake for a Cardinals win over the Super Bowl champs. After watching this one a few times, I still can't figure out how he managed to stay in bounds the entire play!

4. Todd Gurley vs. Bears

Todd Gurley is another young star developing into one of the league's best. In this play he jumps right over a Bears defender for a big gain over the middle. Keep an eye on this one, he's going to be a stud for years to come.

3. Adrian Peterson vs. Raiders

After everything that happened with Adrian Peterson last season, I have to say that it's good to see the man back to doing what he does best. He absolutely destroys a potential tackler and highsteps his way to the house for an 80 yard TD!

2. Antonio Brown vs. Browns

We all knew Antonio Brown was good, but what about this athleticism? He takes the slant route to the house and ends his LONG TD with a huge bang! Crazy!

1. DeAndre Hopkins vs. Bengals

DeAndre Hopkins is quickly developing into one of the league's truly elite WRs and he showed it with this ridiculous TD catch vs. Cincinnati on Monday night. It was the only TD of the game so it proved to be extra important in the Texans' win!

NFL fans, which play this week was your favorite?

Is it the GIF or does Andre Ellington seem incredibly fast haha
@mchlyang hahah it's probably the gif but he's pretty quick!
But I'm going to go with your Top 1. Hopkins' catch was amazing!