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The drama draws a love story between two co-workers at an insurance company, with Kim Ji Hoon playing the company's whip-smart lawyer. Because he carries the hurt of having been abandoned by his birth mother, he doesn't easily open his heart to others. Jin Pal Kang (Choi Jung Won) is a 25-year-old employee of the company who becomes responsible for her five younger adopted siblings after her parents meet with sudden deaths.
Kim Ji Hoon. Shin Dong Wook (Won Kang Ha) ( Won Joon Ha) Choi Jung Won. Lee Kyun (Jin Pal Kang) ( Woo Tae Gyu)
Ahh Kim Ji Hoon, he has had quite a roller coaster in this show. But, that roller coaster is what made the show enjoyable while also being well my opinion. At least the female lead is a strong woman and doesn't play mind games with us as the audience to the point where we probably would say "What's the point"?.....too much lol
Moment like this are definitely special ^_^
I've always wondered about this, haven't you? 0_o
one of my fave dramas
Yes definitely a favorite