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And then there were two.

Last night on Monday Night Football, the Texans surprised everyone by grinding out a tough win vs. the previously undefeated Bengals, 10-6. The game was highlighted by an amazing catch by DeAndre Hopkins (check it out here!) and the Texans got the win.

The Bengals fell to 8-1, nothing to be ashamed of to say the least. I think a lot of people are surprised the Bengals even lasted as undefeated this long, myself included.

For now, though, only the Patriots and the Panthers are a perfect 9-0.

Cam Newton has been playing some truly amazing football for Carolina and is convincing people once and for all that he is legitimately elite. Their defense is killer, and with Cam running it and throwing it as well as he has been, they are grinding out wins.
I think everyone expects them to lose at some point, as they have won some games by really small margins and even luck in some cases, but the fact of the matter is that more than halfway through the season, they are perfect. And that means a lot.

Tom Brady and the Patriots are the other undefeated team, and their situation is a little bit different from Carolina's.

They have been crushing their opponents (with the exception of a close one this week with the Giants) and QB Tom Brady is playing some of the best football of his career despite his age.

People are beginning to ask the question: Are the Patriots better this year then they were when they went 16-0, and eventually 18-1 after losing the Super Bowl?

They just might be. I'm terrified by the fact that the Patriots might go undefeated and I would love nothing more than to see them lose - preferably to my Jets!

What do you guys think? Can either the Patriots or Panthers remain undefeated for the season? Are these your two picks for the Super Bowl this year?

With the injury to Edelman, I think the Patriots will lose to either the Bills or Broncos in the next two weeks. Both have talented defenses that can potentially shut down the Pats offense. If Tom Brady picks apart both of those defenses, then the Jets are the only team remaining in their schedule that could do it. The Texans or Dolphins could put up a fight but I doubt it.
I feel like the Patriots are going to remain undefeated up to the Super Bowl and they're going to choke once again haha
i say it just all calls for the teams in the play offs too. just depends too. sad to say my team i dont think they will make it to super bowl. but play offs yes. damn Payton lol. the defense is awesome tho. go Broncos. hate to say it i see the Patriots going to super bowl.
Panthers superbowl end of discussion
@KyleBerke I totally agree. I think the Broncos and the Jets have the best shot at knocking them off their post!