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Aigoo.... 그것은 매우 어렵다, this is very difficult ehhh....
You want to know why?? Because I have seen many, many shoujo animes with LOTS of romantic moments....this is going to take a while....
-Snaps fingers- Yes! I got one....Kaichou wa maid-sama!! This is my favorite anime, Misaki is adorable despite the way she is no wonder Usui fell for her ^-^
I was so sad when the anime ended, so I ended up reading the manga and ahhh! the ending is amazing (SPOILER!!! Someone get's married heh) I hope there are people who read it as well I want people to spazz about this wonderful anime/manga series!!! Also it made me want to work in a maid cafe as well (heh....)
There are a lot of cute moments between the main characters but there are TWO that stand out for me...but sadly I have to pick one ehh
No, this part killed me (as I watched my two favorite moments again and this one had me spazzing like a weirdo) hmm in the anime this was their first kiss (?) and just Misaki accepting her feelings, also it is the last episode of the anime.
Who let's this scene be the final?!?! They really need to make another season, I mean the manga ended and all heh
It made me happy that after all that happened Misaki was just able to let go, the manga has much sweeter moments that should be made into an anime (sheesh)
You could really feel how much Usui loves her (despite always making fun of her or doing annoying things that are so adorable!)
Misaki is someone that made me mad as I read the manga, it's like just get together already!! And she let everyone know (SPOILER!!) at the end of high school that Usui and her were already dating! Damn Misa, a little late isn't it?
Now I could keep going with the reasons why I love this couple but that could take forever!!!
I found a video with the part that I love (hope you like it and sorry for the so-so quality) ehh my still pains me it's so beautiful!!!
@JackiStyles that is so true heh @glo86 I always go back to it too heh
This is a beautiful anime!!!! I must have seen it at least 10 times!!!!
cutest anime I've ever seen. She doubts her feelings that deep down she knows she has. Gentlemen: how to get a girlfriend. Be a perverted alien from the planet pheromones.
this is an awesome card! I dig it.
@ArmyofKookie yeah he did heh I love angel beats as well
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