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I'm honestly gonna try and be professional about this but I've been with BIG since 'Hello' and WHO TOLD THEM TO GET SEXY!!!! And who gave Benji so much screen time like seriously I can't be lookin at my bias that much. It's too much and his face is just dissrespectful. But the song I really liked. And they looked like a true boy group in this MV they had choreo and everything. Honestly this is like the Coming of Age MV for BIG they just look and sound so adult for this comeback. I cant wait for the live stage. Lemme know what you think of this new BIG. BIG FIGHTING!
literally me
-dies from too much sexiness- Omo! I totally forgot about these boys! When they debuted I loved them so much that I learned all of their names (now I forgot their names) their song Hello was on reply for a long time!! But damn, now I want to pay attention to them again heh this song is amazing!!