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#DemBlessedPants A general collage in ode to the uber-sexxxxxy wardrobe.
Just a little random collection in honor of those skin tight, omigod, is that a roll of quarters in your pocket?, uber-sexxxxxy pants that our kpop idols occasionally bless us with. This is what I call "fan service". @Jiyongixoxo & @Helixx
A little bit of everything and then some.....
yep lol sorry
I saw that pick of GD in... A thong? Too. Saved it to my phone as well. Hahahaha!
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@Helixx lololololololol
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@Helixx Ooooo
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I think GD takes the crown in the blessed pants competition 馃槀馃槀 and I will also admit I saved that last picture too
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