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Let's play a game...
Hey all my friends... So there's a zombie outbreak and your either alone or have a couple of friends with you unaffected by the zombies but your families and the rest of your friends have turned... Could you kill them instantly or will you hesitate to kill?? Feel free to tag others in the game...
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Lol馃槢馃槢馃槢 @AnasiaLaureano
2 years agoReply
I would kill with out hesitation to put them all out their misery and let them rest in peace
2 years agoReply
Now that's what I'm talking about @JacobRivas
2 years agoReply
@Slimbrown13, someone has to and id rather be the one to kill my friends & family than someone else who wouldnt honor them
2 years agoReply
Yes馃槑馃槑 @JacobRivas
2 years agoReply