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cr: given to the owner. first of all I really like how they are portraited in this drawing. I found something else related to this drawing or painting not sure what it a breakdown of each member looking closer to their wounds. when I posted it first time I wrote something like ready for combat haha..I was just making it up because the picture makes you think that way. But the artist actually crated GOT 7 worriors looking like they actually came out of battle. . look closely now..
can you guys see the scars?? I did not notices them till now that I found this pieces..
wow.. it can be interpreted in many ways.. in a way they are like worriors haha. can you see Jackson's scar on his chest going all the way to his neck and face...can you imagine something like that? Is painful. all of them have wounds deep scars either on their faces or arms.. Strange.. I don't see a scar on Mark haha.. it looks like his hands are wounded but not really.. what do you think? feel free to comment on this Fan Art..
@otakukpopgirl.. yes that's what I ment when I said they are kind of worriors. not only they have to fight their own personal battles but also their responsibility as GOT 7 members.. and all the competition they have in that field. .always fighting to become the best.. is hard work..
Oh and that they are humans too and they can feel pain and such. Sometimes people forget that idols are normal people like you and me and think that they cant feel
I think the artist is portraying that even our idols have had painful battles in their life. Just like the rest of humanity.
OMG!! So dope
@luna1171 I know right!
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