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The Plan: Take one pill each morning on an empty stomach. Increase your dosage to two pills daily after three days. Eat as usual--this diet doesn't require you to change your eating or exercise habits. People notice either weight loss and/or a smaller clothing size the first week of being on the Lingzhi diet. The Claims: What the Lingzhi diet formula seems to do is increase your metabolism so you burn fat more quickly. It helps you eliminate toxins with increased bowel movements and keeps the carbs you eat from being converted into fat. The Lingzhi diet appears to be a powerful appetite suppressant, and dieters report eating and losing weight at a steady, healthy rate. Not sure about the claims, but thinking about trying it. Lingzhi is a type of mushroom used in Chinese medicine to treat different ailments, so maybe it works. I would be careful about where you get it from though.
These pills are EXTREMELY dangerous. You have no idea, don't dare touch them even with a pitch fork, they aren't even Japanese, no idea where you got that idea from but, they originate from China made on a low budget mainly only on 2-3 ILLEGAL I have to make it clear highly dangerous for your insides and body too. These pills can kill you. I am serious, don't take those pills, I beg of it, most diet pills manufactured in China are dangerous and kill people, gives liver failure of heart diseases in the end in the search for losing weight you take a short cut, a freaking dangerous one that makes you feel sick, your heart pumping so hard it feels like its going to busts out of your chest, not only that you'll be bed ridden and literally staving cause the pills crumbs up any apatite you could possibly have. I think sticking to a weightloss plan for 90 days than dying and severely injure your body and die any time on the pills is better, any-day. - If this might seem like a bit too much, I lost a friend to these pills and I took them myself. I know
me too
yeah, pill worry me too
eeek. pills are scary !! especially those from overseas
Seems slightly dangerous. I am so worried about pills nowadays. especially after herbalife a few years ago.