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{NN} Netero vs Meruem Hunter X Hunter

Ok im participating in @vinmccarthy s give away. in my opinion the best fight ive seen has got to be netero vs meruem. a condition to make meruem fight at full strength is that if he wins netero will tell him his true name. ( he doesnt know what his name is). this battle is humanity vs almost total destruction.
Netero (chairmen of the hunter society) is insanely powerfull. he train pretty much his whole life.
meruem (the ant king) was born with imense power from his mother eating powerfull hunters giveing him more and more power. also if he eats other insanely powerfull people he gains more strenght which is just fucking awesome
To start off the battle neter summons 100 type guanyin bodisattva which is fucking awesome. he keeps meruem at bay for a while but then slips up and loses both his arm and leg but nooo that doesnt stop netero!!
loseing his arm and leg netero knows he cannot go on fighting. thus he tells the ant king his name which is meruem. but but but netero still has one trick left.
netero peices his own heart to kill himself in order to activate what is called miniature rose bomb. a devastateing bomb that wipes out almost everything. and what it doesnt kill via the explosion it fineshes off with a toxic poison. meruem does not die from the explosion and is nused back to health by his royal gaurds. but he cannot escape death because he has been infected with the poison of the bomb. so in reality its a draw. both fighters die. and i have to tell you the way meruem goes out is so fucking sad i multiple man tears. if you wana fond out the way he goes out i suggest watching the series its one of my all time favorites.
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