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so the other day i started watching the Kdrama "Doctor Stranger" great drama, very intense, highly recommend, but besides the point, Lee Jong-suk plays the role of Park Hoon and DAMN is he gorgeous
just those eyes and that soft smirk across his lips, he is an amazing actor and every single feeling he tries to convey i can feel in the depths of my being, and i am simply captivated. but then, there is also the matter of him simply being absolutely drop dead gorgeous
i saw this picture while on a google search and i kind of just died inside, dropping into a puddle of flailing arms and feels
oh that lucky lucky chocolate. now not only is he beautiful but he is absolutely adorable as well
this is probably one of my favourite photos of him, im nit exactly sure how to describe how i think of this photo and my thought process but, its almost as of the photo is incredibly sensual yet adorable as well, it just has me feeling all kinds of things haha
and just look at those beautiful hands gently resting against his perfectly plump lips, i just cant. im so done right now
aaaaaand im out, im dead, i saw this photo and i fell off my bed. my life is complete.
Don't you just hate when you find a nice picture like that and just drop...I thought I had a balance problem but no it was just a hot Asian guy being all sexy
I saw him in i hear youre voice and he is beautiful 馃挅
I'm deceased
I just forgot I was in school for a minute
i fo isjed watching that drama on subday i was so happy he so talented amd perfect
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