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@VinMcCarthy Toradora kiss scene, hands down the best in my opinion. I agree there are more romantic scenes out there but this one hit me right in the feels. They spend the whole anime denying eachother and their feelings for eachother and they go back and forth with the snide comments and quips but in the end it all comes together. I love this while anime but the kiss scene is fantastic.
OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH TORADORA!!! I've tried to find other romantic comedy anime to try to replace the hole in my heart after I finished it but no one compares to the Tsundere Queen
This kiss scene kinda reminds me of another kiss scene I read in a manga call Hot Gimmick. The girl kissed the boy after eating his valentine chocolate then she asks how was it, his valentine chocolate he replies that it did taste like chocolate and then she asks would he like some more, of course he says yes and at last they kiss again. *-* soon kawaii desuuu
It had me all melted i love that scene
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