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okay, so first of all ..
second of all ..
IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR THEIR COMEBACK .. now I know the BTS Vingle ARMY had to wait a bit longer than originally expected but we're only a couple weeks away now .. see how time flies?query All I have to say about this song is WHOA .. the rap line definitely goes HAM on this one and the rest of the album will be just as HAM. So if you haven't listened to it yet, please enjoy the video shared not this card, shoutouts to my Vingle family ✌ @kpopandkimchi @annevictoriaaa @EMealia @JohnEvans @VixenViVi
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yeah @JohnEvans it's pretty much a straight up music video .. CRAY
@ryanparriola lol i had a feeling you were because you used the capt. america meme. thats my favorite meme to use for "inappropriate language".
counting down the days...can't wait! loved the teaser...but I think it made me even more impatient. i hate waiting...
@Kieuseru two more weeks!! hoping for more teasers as the day comes
@ryanparriola i'm not sure how many more teasers i can handle!!