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I love these boys so much馃槀. It's because of them I joined the k-pop family and I'm glad to say that I am a k-pop fan. People can judge me all they want but because of k-pop I changed, I showed my weird side more and I wasn't afraid to say stupid things. This music makes me happy, it makes me want to dance, the groups are so talented. My family thinks it's just a phase, but I hope it's not because I never want to leave this fandom. Oh and I can't forget Taehyung, the silly BTS Member that always brightens my day by just smiling or laughing. Has anybody else felt super happy listening to a song for the hundredth time and never getting tired of it? That's how I feel a lot. I hope that when the haters come at me hard more and more I'll look at them and say "I don't care" because we've all heard the comments right? "Are they gay?" "Are they girls?" "What's wrong with them?" "You can't even understand them!" "Are you listening to your Ching chang Chong music?" 馃檮 these people just won't ever understand because they don't give this music a chance. Anyways, I didn't mean to sound rude, if I did I am sorry.
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@lawtont Yup! I have money on my iTunes and I'm ready to buy the album when they release it on iTunes 馃槀馃槀
lol you are definitely a kpop fan xD. same here. only thing i dont like about kpop is they hardly have concerts here and flying out from here is super expensive. :/
kpop fandom is the best fandom
@lawtont yeah I live in a small town and the thing is that it's expensive to travel, >.< it stinks
I love Kpop the music is awesome and not only that but I feel like I'm watching dance and gymnastics at the same time on some of it, it's super entertaining. I just wish I could see live shows