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You've planned your perfect wedding, down to every detail. What you didn't count on was the loss of a loved one. As part of my Q&A series for weddings, this one goes out to brides (and grooms) who would like to honor their departed at the wedding.

Q: Recently my grandmother passed away; she was elderly but in good health. Then, through an elective surgical procedure, she passed away. How can I honor her in a way that is appropriate, yet without turning my wedding into a somber funeral all over again?

A: The loss of a loved one cannot be measured; it's indescribable. It's a beautiful thing to incorporate the departed into social gatherings, especially at a wedding. One of the simplest ways to honor the legacy of a loved one is to frame a picture of them in a size no bigger than 8x10. Use your judgement on what's appropriate for the space. You can set up a vestibule in the foyer and even have a seat for them for the ceremony amongst the guests--typically in the front row. Some cultures have feasts in honor of the departed; you could also have a place setting for them at the reception if you wanted. It truly depends on how present you want the display of honor to be. Keep it light and simple so as not to turn it into the main focus of your wedding day nuptials.
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This is a really sensitive way to incorporate the memory of a lost loved one into your wedding. I never thought about this before, but it's a really beautiful idea and after reading this i would definitely consider doing it at my own wedding – although i really do hope everyone will be there :)
I hope so too @allobaber if you need ideas/help for your wedding, let me know! 😄😃😂