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I just finished watching hotel king it was amazing. But now I don't have any kdrama's to watch. Does anyone know of any drama like hotel King or anything els


I haven't seen Hotel King so I'll just recommend some of my favorites: I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, You're All Surrounded (I've watched it 3 times) , Blood, Gap Dong, Monstars(currently watching), and Doctor Stranger
I just finished watching I Can Hear Your Voice with Lee Jong Suk (I think I spelled his name correctly haha ) I liked it
OMG HOTEL KING! To be honest I just watched the parts with Hakyeon (who is also in Sassy Go Go if you want to watch that!!!)
@t1m3l3ssg4l4xy I don't mind u can recommend any drama
Oh you watched Hotel King? I've been considering watching that. Innocent Man has a melodramatic feel with a romance. The Good Doctor has the business aspect with romance but also the serious topic of autism. King of Dramas is also a good business comedy with a melodramatic feel near the end. I'm not sure what all you've seen or I'd recommend others.