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I was SOOOOOOOOO pumped when I initially decided to watch this but it ended up being the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.....

Before you assume I'm hating.....

I laughed til I cried because they were having so much fun. Smiling, obviously excited, and just enjoying themselves. Watching this was like hanging out with the squad having good times. B.A.P IS BACK♥
It's ok, i was the same way when i watched the Qmentary with them on it
what happened to get them in a giggle fit?
@CheyenneJessee I'm not completely positive, but in the beginning of zelos rap it sounds like he said "youngwahepre" instead of "young, wild and free." like hes supposed to. him and daehyun were struggling with some of their notes and having voice cracks too. also, Daehyun forgot to sing at the end and his voice cracked big time. As for himchan.. I don't know why he got surprised when he started his part.
no problem :) @CheyenneJessee