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When Hikaru goes on his first date with Haruhi, but gets so jealous over her ex that he takes off in a huff. Only after getting a phone call from Kaoru and being yelled at by Tamaki about Haruhi's fear of thunderstorms does he realize it was all a misunderstanding. One that he makes right in the end. β™‘
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when I watched this anime I totally fell in love with Hikaru and Kaoru. They are way too much like Fred and George. That being beside the point, Hikaru was the guy I truly believed belonged with Haruhi ESPECIALLY AFTER THIS EPISODE.
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@AshelyJewell can we be freinds? like I am the only one in my group who thinks that.
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For me Haruhi had some really great moments and Steins Gate was amazing with the romance too
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😍😍😍😍😍yes i ship it 100000%
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I luv tht anime and wat happen in that ep
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