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1. My bias group is BAP (Their comeback killed me!!) and my 2nd favorite group is BTS
2. My Ultimate Bias is Moon JongUp my 4D puppy <3 3. I love KPop and KDramas 4. I love to Draw and Read 5. As of right now I have a dog (Haley) and 3 cats (Tigbit, Maui, and Dakota) 6. I love animals and if I could I would rescue every dog and cat that I come across.
7. My BTS bias is Min Yoongi :) 8. My favorite colors are black, red, and green 9. My favorite BTS songs as of right now are the Cyphers especially Pt.2 10. My favorite girl groups are 2ne1, F(x), and Red Velvet
11. I fall in love with new groups quickly too many groups to keep up with but I love them all. 12. I have an addiction to dying my hair (in a span of 8 months I changed my hair about 7-9 times) 13. My eyes change colors sometimes depending on my mood and what I'm wearing. 14. My favorite non KPop group is the Beastie Boys 15. I have no friends besides my coworkers and 1 person who lives in California... it's a sad life.
16. I help my aunt bake cupcakes for parties 17. I am training to be a pet groomer and soon going to be school for pet massage therapy. 18. I have really bad social anxiety. I almost pass out from holding my breath so much and I mess up my words trying to say them fast then it gets worse.
19. I like to sing and dance but I'm not very good at it but hey I can dream. (I will make my Broadway debut one day XD) 20. My life is really boring with out KPop. Really all I do is work and come home to do nothing. But with KPop and KDramas and Vingle it is a lot more entertaining.
Well that is me I guess.. I am not good at this kind of thing. oh I guess I should tell one of my secrets that I don't tell very many people but I trust you guys :) My name originally wasn't supposed to be Destiny it was supposed to be Desiree ...
I know shocking... but it's true... That's the name they had picked out but then just before I was born my mom had a dream that I was going to grow up to be a striper if my name was Desiree. So they changed it.
B.A.P. Yaaaaassssssssssss!!!!!
I understand YOU REALLY at the end all those pictures of him WOW my heart was raising fast >~<
haha at the last part! and I love the gift you used
I love your mom's reasoning. Thanks for sharing! That was great!
we like similar things too! I like to call myself socially anti-social lol. My name was going to be Kimberly before they settled on Kelly. Why I dunno.
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