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I just love these losers look how silly they are! They are my ult group. All of them are so fantastic and such giant memes I love them. Recently I saw them at #BlockBinLA they are just as fantastic in person. My lord I love them with my heart and soul.
Block B has one of my ult biases, Zico. How can you not bias Zico I mean.... he is beautiful... a hard worker and his music is fantastic. I have a thing for rapper/producers because I think you get to see part of their soul with their music and let me tell you, Zico's soul is beautiful.
Also Zico remembers to be young and with that comes being silly and making mistakes. I love Zico and all his flaws.
Block B is just all fun and loveable and makes me laugh! I love then all so much.. like no lie I would die in a mountain for these memes. I'm not even surr who my 2nd bias is.. because I feel like I bias all of Block B, Zico just happens to be an ult bias and the other boys aren't there yet. If you know anyone who is a BBC tag them! I'll try making posts about these guys and share them with you all ♡
I love these goofballs! I think Kyung does the best ugly faces, they make me crack up. U-Kwon is my bias because he's just so darn cute.
I agree 100% I admire Block B for their talent and for not trying to always be so serious.
Love them! U-Kwon is UB with Zico next and then it's a cluster of the rest of the goofs!
Ooohhh Zico....quiddit, boy Lol.....he's so gorgeous. I agree with you. Zico, in my opinion, is one of the best leaders in kpop. He's held his group together through some seriously tough times.