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Jiminie's Jams
So uhh....me and @Bitterlimelight had to do a project in U.S. History. We had to make a story that was relative to the American Revolution. So uhh.....we made Jiminie's Jams. Jiminie (Jimin) has a teddy bear named Jams. He loves him so much. And Namjoon takes Jams away from him because he wouldn't play with him...........Kpop has ruined us...but at least we got an A+.
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@Bitterlimelight @ILikeHisFace123 they really are good and super cute 馃槈
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those drawing are too cute omg
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It looks so cute I just want to read the whole thing
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@Pickles440 it's really cheesy. I wrote it last minute and I was going insane.
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Cheesy is great story material
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