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Day 2 of the 30 day kpop challenge is favorite girl group. My favorite girl group is Red Velvet.
So I first go into Red Velvet when I saw their 'Be Natural' MV. Their debut track 'Happiness' wasn't a favorite of mine. I actually found it quite annoying but I was very happy to see a new girl group from SM. I never would have thought that they would ruin my life like this. I love all of their albums and I can sing every song and when Yeri came along it was a bonus cuz I love our adorable maknae even though she's my age.
But my heart belongs to Wendy. I love idols who are fluent in English. Plus she has a very soulful voice and I think she's very funny. When I first got into kpop I wasn't very interested in girl groups but groups like Girl's Day and Sistar really opened my mind to girl groups and I'm glad cuz Red Velvet is my life. RED VELVET FIGHTING!##