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How I Start Difficult Cosplays

Many beginner Cosplayers get scared out of their wits when they really want to dress as their favorite character, but they don't know where to start, how to start, and how to feel confident in their costume!
As a beginner cosplayer, here's how I do it! It's a lot of work, but it's what makes wearing it at the end of the project much more satisfying. Don't you think? Better to go to a convention in something you worked hard on than something half-heartedly made!

#1: Make a list

Write down your favorite shows, movies, cartoons, even games if you're a huge fan of them!

#2: Make another list of your favorite characters.

Pay attention to their outfits and which would be most comfortable to you and/or which you like the most.

#3: Narrow down your choice.

Pick a character that you like the most, has the most appealing color scheme to you, or suits your difficulty level. Once you make your character cosplay choice, take notes on what make up the cosplay. Keep note of little details and what you can and cannot do.
For ex: A cosplay may require a corset. If it's extremely uncomfortable for you and you still want to cosplay that character, switch it up to your comfort level. Wear a tank top or a bathing suit that has the same color.

Now, this is the stage where YouTube and Google are your best friend.

You need to make armor out of cardboard and paint? Youtube. Oh, no! You need to have a certain makeup detail? Youtube. Dang it. You don't know how to put together a shoe design? Youtube! Working hard is part of the fun!

#5: Don't let your height, size, weight, or any other physical qualities discourage you from cosplaying whoever you want.

The point of cosplay and conventions is to have fun. Fans just want to find people like them and fangirl (or fanboy) over the same thing. Noone's going to criticize you or judge for how your cosplay may turn out or how you look. The only person that you should satisfy is you. (And if they do, my prop might just accidentally whack them across their head. Who knows, right? Psh. )
So, here's my cosplay plan!

I'm going to be Nora Valkyrie from RWBY!

And my younger sister, Arianna, will be Neopolitan from the same show!

(First two pictures are mine and the last one is hers) If there are some people not familiar to RWBY, it's a spectacular show! Look it up! Watch it if you have the time! It's hilarious and has epic fighting scenes!
I picked Nora, because she's this hyper exciting crazy girl who looks cute and innocent, but when she fights in battle, her hammer can smash into anything! It's also a grenade launcher so she'll have fun blowing anything up. She's ruthless, but laughs her butt off as she easily kills off monsters. I'd say, I feel I'd enjoy being her character A LOT! LOL.
If there are any RWBY fans out there, drop a <3 in the comments! And for anyone interested in cosplay, drop a comment on your favorite characters or shows c: I'd love to see what other people are interested in!
the first one reminds me of Diane frome the seven deadly sins
@XavierLopez I've heard of a lot of those :D one of my favs is Fairy Tail and yeah, Gray's AWESOME! XD it's a good thing to have so many characters you like, you have as many choices for cosplay! It's usually hard for me to pick a character cause I'm not as widely experienced in games and anime as the other fans at the conventions O:
@carnagerabbit coool!!! & @XavierLopez All up to you! :3
I wanted to do Nekran from DC comics, Black Lantern main entity. This don't fit that one
oh, I see, well I have never cosplay before, nor have I been to a convention. I honestly don't know much about all of that stuff. but I always wanted to try it out.
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