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So this is just something that caught my eye but if you've kept with the manga you've definitely noticed something a little different in Gajeel and Levy's relationship
See the pattern on Gajeel's stomach in the pic above
the same material is right under Levy's arm! Coincidence, I think not ^^ Had to share my conspiracy
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What exactly is the material cause I've seen this post soooo many times now
2 years ago·Reply
manga chapter 453 of fairytail "A Parent's Duty" @TreverMoon
2 years ago·Reply
@msfancysunshine oh Nono I mean I knew what, what the star patterned thing lol I have a couple ideas of it but I just can't tell
2 years ago·Reply
Like is that gajeel laying behind her, is it a blanket , his belt? Lmao
2 years ago·Reply
@TreverMoon idk your guess is as good as mine ^^ I asumed it was a blanket though cause they looked like they were sleeping
2 years ago·Reply