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20 Facts About Me

1. I'm quiet around people I don't know, so most people say I'm shy, but my friends know otherwise ;) 2. I've only been into kpop for 2 years, but I have no idea what I did before kpop. Hahaha! 3. My favorite music before Kpop was rap and hip-hop. My favorite non-kpop singers are Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. 4. I am the Master of a Crew of 94 people on the Allkpop Allstar Rhythm Game and we group Kakao all the time. 5. I have friends from 14 countries including Canada, Thailand, Peru, Australia, America, Ivory Coast, Singapore, Brazil, Tanzania, South Korea, the Philippines, Colombia, Ireland, and Vietnam.
6. I've been in Chorus all of my life until college and I miss it already. I call my high school chorus teacher "Mama" and we text even now that I'm in college. 7. I can play the piano. 8. "I'm Converse High. I really hate Converse." and I have more kpop socks that other socks. 9. I stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 AM every night and sleep until noon. 10. My top kpop groups are Exo, SHINee, BTS, Got7, Super Junior, and B.A.P.
11. I love new kpop groups (Seventeen and Madtown) and old ones too (H.o.t.). 12. I have a stockpile of Korean snacks in my bedroom. 13. I am writing 3 fanfics with over 700 pages all together and 2 are still ongoing. 14. I love Kdramas! Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho, and so many more oppas too! 15. The staff at my local Korean Restaurant know me and my order! Lol!
16. I can trace, but not draw. 17. I don't have any Apple products! Don't get me started on Apple! 18. "I'm Sexy, Free, and Single. I'm ready to bingo." <-- Translation: I've never dated before. 19. I'm the person that people confess everything too and I keep all of their secrets. 20. My friends are what keeps me going. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have kpop and I wouldn't be here with all of you <3
@destiny1419 Tracing makes me relax, but I can't copy at all! Hahahahaha! One day......maybe! @shantalcamara I should!!! @KellyOConnor Awwww thank you 😄 @jessicalnichols Hurry up Kim Soo Hyun! I'm waiting!!!
You sound like a fun person to be around.. Socks!!! I started out tracing then now instead of tracing I copy what I see. ... you made me hungry putting all these food pictures on here.
@jessicalnichols @destiny1419 18 years and counting
@jessicalnichols @Exoexo I'm sexy free and single also. Also @Exoexo it just takes practice and patience :)
@shantalcamara No drawing skills! Lol! I buy most of it, but I can make some and my friend has a Korean brother-in-law who makes some for us too.
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OnlyOneOf Photo Sunday 📷
Hello lyOn! My name is Melissa. I am the new President of OnlyOneOf Community. I will be posting daily cards and try my best to keep the community updated on the group. Members are more then welcome to participate in daily posts. I will be doing member weeks with daily themes, like Photo Sunday, Media Monday, Tune Tuesday, Writer Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Fan Art Friday, and Selfie Saturday. Today we are starting with KB Week. Let's enjoy some of his adorable photos together. *source: https://onlyoneof.fandom.com/wiki/KB Shin Kyu-Bin (Hangul: 신규빈); better known by his stage name "KB" (Hangul: 규빈) is a South Korean singer, rapper and dancer under RSVP. He debuted as a member of OnlyOneOf in 2019, and is the lead rapper, vocalist and visual of the group. In addition to this, he also takes a role in the production of songs for the group, having worked on the arrangement for tracks such as OnlyOneOf yOu and fragile. Early Life (1992-2018) KB was born on April 23, 1992 in the Masan District, Changwon, South Gyeonsang Province, South Korea. At some point prior to debuting in OnlyOneOf, KB completed his mandatory military service. Originally, his dream was to become a comedian, and he joined the company in order to make this a reality. During this time, however, he learned how to make music, which he wanted to perform on stage. It was because of this that he made the decision to train as an idol instead. In 2018, KB starred in the third season of the web drama "Woomanna" as one of the male leads. 2019: Debut with OnlyOneOf On May 28, 2019, KB debuted as a member of OnlyOneOf with the release of their 1st mini album "dot point jump". Until next time lyOn! OnlyOneOf Council @MelissaGarza *Please Comment if you would like to be added on lyOn taglist* My Vingle Family @Just2BLoved @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @DefSoul1994 @QueenPandaBunny @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @royalpandajedi @BBxGD @BabydollBre @JaxomB @Starbell808 @EXOahjummafan @InfiniteUtopia @SweetDuella @CLAKPOP @Yugykookie97 @gabstar143 @navy7130
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