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Help me in a experiment, get on the ground floor be of social media fighting style. Ever wanted try create a style your own, but didnt know where to start? This will be your coliseum. This is to be a functional style, no spilt air spinning kicks. Only that which is useful in the real world. I will create cards to discuss stance's, offense, defense, and all between. Have a good idea for other cards I miss, simply message me your opinion. No trolling, no putting ideas down, no arguing. I don't care you black belt in everything, or novice who barely thrown a punch, all are welcome to join in. Come join me in this unique chance, succeed, or fail on helping crest my new style, it will be a interesting outcome.
seems interesting. Green belt in tae kwon do so I may be of help.
im a mixed martial artist ive trained for 3 and a half years and im here to help lol
@carnagerabbit @shannonl5. Yea we talked about making cards that showed different ways of how to the cards I made xD I'm definitely interested and willing to help in any way
@MichaelOgg this seems like it might be up your alley?
like or comment to see if enough are interested
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